TGU leaders kindly visiting foreign students in Tianjin

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On the morning of February 10, 2020 , accompanied by the leading group of School of International Education, YU Shaoping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tiangong University, XIA Changliang, President of Tiangong University, and ZHAO Hong, Vice President of Tiangong University, visited Apartment of Global Students to express sympathy and solicitude to the foreign students who stay at TGU in this epidemic period.

Photo source: School of International Education

University leaders kindly enquired the healthy and mood status of these foreign students, gave them protective supplies and handed out “Notice on International Students in Tiangong University during the Prevention and Control of NCP” to them. They advised the students to actively cooperate with the university on the prevention and control of the epidemic, maintain an optimistic attitude, relieve tension and anxiety, and convinced the students that Chinese government and Chinese people will overcome the epidemic through scientific preventive treatment and preciseimplementation strategy.

Meanwhile, the leading group of the Party branch directly under TGU School of International Education was entrusted to visit 93 off-campus foreign students in 17 communities outside TGU. The group gave them protective supplies one by one, handed out “Notice on International Students in Tiangong University during the Prevention and Control of NCP”to them and reminded them safety instructions, expressed concerns for the physical and mental health of each, and actively solved the difficulties in their lives.

The leading group also made full communication with the neighborhood committees of the communities, in which these foreign students stay, about the management of overseas students during the epidemic prevention and control period, saying that TGU will cooperate with the committees on the safety education and access management of international students, forming “Neighborhood Committee - University cooperation” management consultation mechanism for international students’ safety during the anti-epidemic period.