• Message from the President

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to Tiangong University (TGU)’s website.

“Rigorous, Strict, Practical, Truthful” is the motto and foundation of TGU.With every effort to make great achievements, after sixty years’ development, TGU has become a multidisciplinary engineering university with coordinated development of engineering, sciences, management, economics, laws and arts.

“Loving University and Highlighting Morality, Persevering and Acting Earnestly, Pursuing Practicality and Innovation” is the spirit and pursuit of TGU. Taking root in China,TGU shoulders the historic responsibility of strengthening our country through education. Persevering in the fundamental task of moral education with practicality, reform and innovation, TGU vigorously implements the development strategy of being founded by quality, promoted by characteristic, strengthened by talent and administered by law.

“Promote Teaching and Research, Enhance Knowledge and Ability” is the education principle and driving force of TGU. TGU has been determined to cultivate talents on the principle of morality-first, ability-oriented, and development-balanced between overall capability and specialty. TGU concentrates on cultivating applied elites who are broad-minded, realistic, outstanding, dedicated and innovative. Over one hundred and twenty thousand outstanding alumni throughout the world are the most precious treasures and resources of TGU.

With tremendous achievements made during the past sixty years, TGU is now ready to draw a new blueprint for the future. In the year 2017, TGU was selected for the national “Double First Class” Initiative to construct world-class disciplines. TGU’s Textile Science and Engineering discipline was ranked A+ in the fourth round evaluation held by the national Ministry of Education. I, myself, was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering as an academician. In 2018, TGU celebrated its 60thanniversary by organizing series of important events. It is impossible for TGU to make all these achievements without the attention and support from the alumni and friends around the world. The achievements lay firm foundations for future development of TGU.

Looking forward to the future, on the road to constructing an excellent engineering university with world-class disciplines, all members of TGU will remain true to our original aspiration and strive to be pioneers.

Thanks for your visit and attention!