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Over the years, focusing on "innovative mechanism, gathering talents, highlighting characteristics and serving the society", Tiangong University has always devoted itself to China's demand for regional economic and social development and technological progress by actively taking effective measures such as innovating scientific research mechanism, building scientific research platform, setting up scientific research and innovation team, and focusing on industrial docking. Through continuous efforts, TGU has explored its own "strategy", namely, "Policies+Talents+Plateform+Demand+R&D achievement transformation" , which scored positive achievements  in promoting scientific and technological innovation, serving the society, personnel training, cultural inheritance and innovation, etc.


In 2017, TGU was selected as the national "first-class discipline construction university", and textile science and engineering was selected as the national "double-first-class" construction discipline and named as A + discipline. Professor Xia Changliang was elected academician of the ChineseAcademy of Engineering. Engineering, Material Science, Chemistry and Mathematics are listed among the top 1% of ESI in the world.


It has formed nine main scientific research fields with advantages , namely,  "advanced textile composite materials", "membrane separation technology", "motor system and its intelligent control", "functional fibers and technical textiles", "fiber interface processing technology", "high-power semiconductor lighting technology", "radio energy transmission technology", "modern mechanical equipment", "new era interdisciplinary innovation think tank".


A number of scientific research achievements have been applied to the "Shenzhou" spacecraft series, "Chang'e to the Moon" project, water treatment technology, new material development and so on. They have won 13 national science and technology awards for nine consecutive years.


The supporting fields focusing on smart clothing and apparel, computer, information technology, new energy, big data and 3D printing are constructed, and new development fields such as cultural creativity, Internet of Things Technology, circular economy, textile economy, industrial engineering and management, international accounting and apparel culture are established.


It has been approved to establish the State Key Laboratory of Separation Membranes and Membrane Processes the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of High Performance Fiber and Textile Composite Preparation Technology, the International Joint Research Center of Separation Membrane Science and Technology, and the Demonstration Base of Innovative Talents Training (Ministry of Science and Technology).


The scientific research organization structure of the Institute of Modern Textile Technology, the Research Institute of Membrane Science and Technology, the Research Institute of Photoelectric Technology, the Research Institute of Military Industry, the Research Institute of Foundation and Intersection, the Advanced Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Tianjin Science and Technology Achievement Conversion Center, the Science Communication Research Center and the Analysis and Testing Center have been established.


"Jinnan Institute of Industrial Technology, Tiangong University" was established. Nine industrial technology research institutes, such as Binzhou Research Institute of Tiangong University, and more than 90 joint research and development centers, have accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to the ground. There are more than 40 incubators located in "Jingwu Industrial Technology Research Institute of Tiangong University".


Tianjin Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., ITU Textile Auxiliaries Co., Ltd., ITU Haiyu Co., Ltd., Tianjin ITU Aerospace Composite Co., Ltd. and many other joint-stock school-run enterprises have been established. Tianjin Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


After years of practice and exploration, our university's scientific research potential has been significantly enhanced, its educational effect has been outstanding, and its ability to serve the society has been continuously improved. It is striding towards the goal of building a high-level industrial university with world-class disciplines.


I. Advanced Textile Composite Material-Modern Textile Serves Aeronautic Industry

Advanced textile composites are the intersection and integration of modern textile technology and composite technology. They are the key materials in aerospace, national defense and other strategic fields, and the basic materials in civil high-tech fields. At the end of the 1980s, in order to meet the major strategic needs of the country, our school integrated the superior resources of textile disciplines, took the lead in the research of three-dimensional braiding technology and advanced textile composite technology in China, which successfully developed the first three-dimensional braiding equipment in China and broke the technical blockade of foreign countries and greatly promoted the development of three-dimensional braiding technology.Since then, the development of three-dimensional braided composites in China has been introduced.

After nearly 30 years of development, the research team independently developed multi-dimensional braiding technology, a variety of key sets of equipments for three-dimensional fabrics as well as the liquid forming process of composite materials and formed a perfect optimization design method for textile composite materials. It is a leading domestic textile composite material research and development base integrating material design, multi-dimensional weaving, composite molding and performance characterization. The R&D based on advanced textile composite materials with synthetic and performance characterization has three scientific research platforms, namely, the National Joint Engineering Research Center, the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education and the Engineering Center of the Ministry of Education. It has established an industrialization base (national high-tech enterprise) for special structural materials for aeronautic industryin China. A variety of textile structural reinforcement materials and composite materials have been developed in compliance with international advanced level and have been successfully applied and contributed to the development of key models of Chang'e satellite, Shenzhou spacecraft, launch vehicle, long-range missile and new fighter aircraft in China.


II.Membrane Separation Technology-Separation and Purification Leading Development


Membrane separation has become a common and key technology to solve major problems in water resources, energy, environment and other fields. Tiangong University is the earliest unit engaged in the research of hollow fiber membrane science and technology in China. In 1974, the Institute of Membrane Science and Technology was established, and the first industrialized hollow fiber membrane module in China was developed. With the continuous support of the National "Sixth Five-Year" to "Twelfth Five-Year" Science and Technology Plan, in January 2015, the Ministry of Science and Technology and Tianjin Municipal Government jointly approved the establishment of the provincial and ministerial key laboratories for membrane separation and membrane process in TGU.


Relevant achievements have been successfully applied in the key fields of waste water reuse, drinking water safety, seawater desalination and air pollution control in China. At present, 80% of the national sewage treatment is based on the research of hollow fiber membrane of Tiangong University. Tianjin Motimo Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. was established by incubator, which became one of the earliest units to implement the engineering application of domestic membrane technology. As an internationally renowned national membrane brand, MOTIAN Engineering was successful  listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in July 2012.


III.Motor System and Related Intelligent Control-High Efficiency Motor Drivethe Future

Motor system is an important energy power equipment to support national economic development and national defense construction. It is also the key and core of energy mining, rail transit, CNC machine tools and other major basic equipments. It plays an important supporting role in the development of equipment manufacturing industry and national defense construction in China. Under the background of national efforts to promote intelligent manufacturing, low-carbon economy and sustainable development, science and technology of high-efficiency motor system is deemed as an important direction of future technology development in the field of electrical engineering.


The research direction of motor system and related intelligent control is led by Professor XIA Changliang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. He has gathered the backbone personnel of motor design, motor drive, intelligent control of motor system and other related research directions, and formed an innovative scientific research team with reasonable academic level, age structure and scientific research direction. This research field aims to solve the major scientific problems in the field of motor system and its control and realize the efficient operation of motor system, and it is devoted to the application of basic research and cutting-edge technology in this field with its own characteristics. Through great efforts, a series of innovative achievements and technological progress have been made in the field of enhancing the motor system and its control.

IV.Functional Fibers and Technological Textiles: Extended Function and Infinite Substitution


Technological textiles have become a new growth area of China's textile industry, which is considered as an important part of strategic emerging industries spanning textiles and new materials and provides indispensable key materials for aeronautic, new energy, environmental protection, medical and health fields. At the end of the 1980s, our university integrated the advantages of materials, textiles, electronics, computers, control, physics and environment, and focused on the research of new technologies of functional fibers and technical textiles. It also took the lead in developing high-level professionals of Nonwovens in the world, in order to speed up the transformation of China from a textile-major country to a textile-powerful country. After nearly 30 years’ development, Tianjin Advanced Fiber and Energy Storage Technology, Key Laboratory, Tianjin Nonwovens,EngineeringTechnology Center and Wearable Electronics and Intelligent Textile and Garment International Cooperation Research Center (China Textile Industry Federation) have been established.


V.Fiber Interface Processing Technology: Independent Innovation to Break Monopoly

Fiber interface treatment technology is a new frontier science formed by the integration of modern fiber, textile technology and materials science and applied chemistry. It is the guarantee of stable production of modern fiber industry and textile industry, and the guarantee of improving product quality and high added value. It is the key to develop high-performance fiber materials and weave new textiles. In the 1970s, in order to meet the development needs of the chemical fiber industry by introducing chemical fiber chemical equipment to the supporting countries, our university integrated the advantages of chemical fiber and textile chemistry, and took the lead in the research of chemical fiber oil agent manufacturing and fiber interface treatment technology in China. On the basis of learning from the high-level imported products, we independently developed and successfully developed the chemical fiber chemical equipment. A series of fiber additives have been developed and industrialized, which has made positive contributions to the development of textile fibers, industrial fibers and high-performance fibers in China.


VI.High Power Semiconductor Lighting Technology-Lighting Revolution, High Efficiency and Energy Saving

In view of the development trend of semiconductor light source and lighting, the intersection and integration of optoelectronic technology with electrical, material, physics, information and control disciplines are highlighted. The combination of semiconductor light emitting, detection, optical transmission, imaging and display devices and system development is characterized. The emphasis is laid on both theoretical research and practical engineering problems. Insisting on independent innovation, strengthening the key technology tackling and improving the ability of achievement transformation, our university took the lead in the research and industrialization technology tackling of high-power lighting products, and also took the lead in building the world's first large-scale semiconductor lighting demonstration project. The research team has formed a series of comprehensive and exclusive design methods and technical solutions in LED epitaxy, chip and LED automobile lighting, LED road lighting, LED intelligent lighting, LED optical communication, new display and imaging systems, etc.


VII.Wireless Power Transfer Technology- Wireless Power Supply Touches off the Future


Wireless power transmission technology brings revolutionary power transmission convenience for inconvenient towing wire. It belongs to multi-disciplinary and strong cross-cutting field, and is one of the most active hot research directions in the field of new energy transportation. The introduction of this technology will make the ways of production, transmission, distribution and use of electric energy broader and more diversified, and may lead to significant changes in human production and lifestyle. As a result, Wireless power transmission technology has been selected as one of the ten scientific research fields that will bring great changes to human production and life style in the future by the American Technical Review magazine. In the series celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, this technology has also been listed as one of the "TOP 10 leading-the-future science and technology projects ". At present, the technology of wireless power transmission has become a hot and cutting-edge technology concerned by academia, industry and even civil society at home and abroad. Many countries have  endeavored to compete and seize this technological commanding point.



VIII.Modern Mechanical Equipment-the Age of Intelligent Manufacturing Reform


Modern mechanical equipment research field is characterized by new textile machinery research and engineering application. It has a high reputation in domestic intelligent manufacturing industry and has made an important contribution to the development of China's textile industry and equipment manufacturing industry. Many new theories and methods have been put forward in the fields of industrial robotic system and intellectualization, intelligent processing and forming process and equipment, new textile machinery design, laser and optoelectronic integrated manufacturing and intellectualization technology, and a number of research results at the leading level in China have been achieved.



IX. Interdisciplinary Innovation Think Tank in the New Era

The interdisciplinary innovative think tank in the new era is an important construction direction in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences in schools. Tiangong University will give full play to the advantages of a wide range of disciplines, combine the advantages of disciplines, talents and industries around major practical problems, carry out comprehensive interdisciplinary research, and put forward targeted and operational policy recommendations.