• Boya College

Boya College of Tiangong University was established in November, 2018, which has four parts: Boyuan, Yayuan, Huiyuan and Xingyuan. Boyuan is designed to train students to be broad-minded, knowledgeable and far-sighted. Yayuan is designed to train students to be refined, graceful and elegant. Huiyuan is designed to train students to be clear-eyed, intelligent and inspired. Xingyuan is designed to train students to be polite, earnest and painstaking.

Boya College provides service for all the faculty of Tiangong University and puts more emphasis on students’ development and progress. It adheres to the concept of “people-oriented education, moral education first” and “all-round education”. Through lectures, courses, salons, training camps, workshops and other colorful activities, the college further enhances students’ abilities in ancient Chinese civilization, poetry and painting, art appreciation as well as dialectics and philosophical speculations, so as to gradually turn the college into a platform of traditional culture “double creation”; a platform for mutual understanding of Chinese and foreign cultures, with open and inclusive cultural temperament; a practical platform of students’ self-development and self-management; a practical and test platform for sound personality shaping; a demonstration platform for all-round education in all processes, so as to achieve the goal of “double first-class” talent training of Tiangong University.