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School of Electrical Engineering and Automation in Tianjin Polytechnic University was formally established in April 2009. Its predecessor was department of automation, founded in December 1980, which was one of the four departments of Tianjin Textile Institute. In the development of more than 30 years, the School had made its due contribution in personnel training, scientific research, and social services for the country.

Now our school has 3 undergraduate majors: Automation, Electrical Engineering and Automation and Illuminant and Lighting. There are more than 1400 undergraduate students in the school. School has one discipline master degree of control science and engineering (and five secondary master degree, such as control theory and control engineering, pattern recognition and intelligent control, detection technology and automation devices, systems engineering, navigation, guidance and control), it is able to grant a Master of Engineering degree in the field of Control Engineering, besides there are more than 200 graduate students.

Teachers and staff in our school are qualified. The total number of staff  is  93 , including 15 professors(5 doctoral supervisor),a researcher,31 associate professor level senior engineer ,55 teachers with doctor degree. Our school has 2 city-level excellent courses and 5 school-level excellent courses.

The school has 3 research strengths and institutes: Tianjin Key Laboratory of Advanced Electrical Energy Technology, Tianjin Solid State Lighting Technic Engineering center and Engineering research Center of high power Solid State Lighting Application System, Ministry of Education. And a laboratory center of automation and electrical engineering, it’s cooperated with Freescale, Omron etc. companies established collaborators.